Welcome to PhoenixTrack

PhoenixTrack is the tracker for Amazon you didn't know you needed. Get continuous price updates on your WhatsApp at your chosen frequency, or get notified only when the price drops to your desired price.

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Crafted for busy individuals like you

Amazon prices are a roller coaster. But you don't need to lose sleep over it, with PhoenixTrack.

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Continuous Updates

Price-drop Notifications

WhatsApp Alerts

Historic Fetched prices

Detailed Dashboard

Smart Tracking

Getting Started

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Add the Amazon product link 🔗

2. Give it a memorable name ✍️

3. Select the frequency for the price fetch 🔄

Optionally, add a price threshold to get notified when the price drops below it. 📉

Check out our demo!

This gives you a quick overview of how PhoenixTrack works including all features and options.